VOTE: Deejay Ceekk for Zonal Coordinator Zone 6 (North West)


VOTE: Deejay Ceekk for Zonal Coordinator (Dj Ceekk) has announce his intention of running for the post of NORTHERN ZONAL COORDINATOR for North West Zone 6.

Previous posts held:

  1. DJAN President, Kaduna  Chapter, unopposed for 20 years. 1986-1916.
  2. Current Chairman of the Board of trustees, AKAD. 2016 till date.
  3. Patron,AKAD 2016 till date

Manifesto: When voted in, I intend to reach out to carry all states in Zone 6 along especially Jigawa, Kastina and Kebbi. I intend to bring the aforementioned states on board fully and make the DJs vibrant. Also, I intend to make this association a household name in the North; to instil the importance of this profession in the hearts of Northerns who are oblivious of what we stand for. In turn, this will elevate DJAN as a whole to greater heights. Finally, with the support of my DJs, I hope to utilize my liaison with diverse DJ equipment manufacturers to get discounted products and equipment in my Zone and further afield. This also involves empowering upcoming DJs with equipment so they can fully exercise their skill in this profession of ours.


I believe I possess capable qualities to handle this post with expertise. As a founding member, I have been gathering experience and knowledge and when I’m given the opportunity, I will input my required quota and relentless effort to stir up positive changes in the Zone and DJAN as a body. Thank you for your support.

Remember, there’s no substitute to experience. Vote for me and let’s move on.Still DJ Ceekk.

Your Co-operation is highly needed.thanks.