Pinky Omaslim’s Birthday Today 6th August 2017


Today 6th August 2017 happens to be a best friend’s birthday, I may not have enough words to explain my feelings but what I know is that knowing you have been a great joy and a blessing. Happy birthday.

May your life be brighter As each birthday comes and goes with new happiness unfolding Like the petal of a rose Have a wonderful birthday!

Sometimes people use the word “good” to indicate someone is a close friend. … The definition of a good friend varies from person to person, but there are certain traits, characteristics, and qualities that most people would agree to make someone a good friend
Make a new friend like ”Pinky Omaslim” today! You can never have too many friends, so take the time to get to know someone new today. It could be a fellow student in your school who you’ve never talked to before. Or it could be someone who just moved in down the street from your house. Or someone you meet at the library. It could be anyone! Have fun making a new friend today. You never know when a new friend will enrich your life in ways you never imagined!