NEWS: See A San Francisco Church Where People Worshiped Beyonce… It Was A Sold Out! [Photos And Videos]


A first ever Beyonce mass held at a church in the United States last night and it was massive and a sold out, that is People literally went to church to worship Beyonce.

San Francisco Grace Cathedral opened their doors to the church’s first-ever Beyoncé Mass Wednesday night and it is estimated that over 900 people came to the celebration.

The mass was a traditional service that was devoted to Beyoncé’s music and accomplishments.

Worshippers sang along with Beyoncé’s hits and explored her inspirational history, particularly how she “opens a window into the lives of the marginalized and forgotten — particularly black females,” as the church described on its website.

The Beyoncé Mass was announced via a Facebook post two weeks ago and made local and international news.

See Pictures from the Mass below;