Muslims block road in Bayelsa to pray, beat up and damaged car of woman afterwards

Muslims block road to pray in Bayelsa State.

A Facebook user by the name Angaye Dorothy Doubara has narrated how her mum was awfully treated by Muslims in Bayelsa State, Nigeria. She said her parents were on their way to a crusade when they came across Muslims praying right on the road they were supposed to take to their destination. Her parents horned several times hoping that would make them give her, but all to no avail. They had no other choice but to park by the side of the road to wait for the Islamic prayer session to be over.

Surprisingly, the moment the Muslims finished praying, they vandalized her parent’s vehicle and proceeded to beating her mother, a 56 year old woman whose spectacles they also damaged. Below is her quote and also the pictures she shared.

”On 2/3/18 at 2pm my parents were on there way to Greater Evangelism World Crusade State HQ Opolo Yenagoa on a Ministry assignment.when they drove into opolo rd it was totally blocked,Muslims were praying with an overflow to the main road.They horned severally hoping they could pass through all to no avail so they waited paitently for 15mins.after the prayers instead of making way for cars to pass,these Muslims attacked my mum’s car,hitting the car and beat her up seriously a 56 years old woman,even broke her spectacles in the process.we thank God she is safe and sound.I wonder if it is now lawful for people to block a major road? I wonder whether we are still safe in our own dear state Bayelsa? Few weeks ago it was the same Muslims attacking my farm destroying crops worth Millions of Naira,Yet nobody is saying anything about it,Few days ago it was my mum,luckily she survived.Who knows who it will be tommorrow Bayelsans wake up it is now obvious that this is a Religious battle?”