FREE BLOGGING: special offer for fast rising stars and producers


Seeing the need to give upcoming musical artistes a chance to be heard on the internet, has decided to create a new section on our website called Openspace decide to create Openspace for free Blogging of Artworks, Anticipation, Upcoming events,Birthdays photographs, entertainment news, Hyping and Freebeat.

openspace would be a platform where artistes who have not made a name in the industry can have their Names promoted at no cost.

Artiste are expected to meet the following requirements before their given the offer to upload there contents:

1. Artiste Must be an up-and-coming artiste (not signed to a record label) and have a recorded song mixed and mastered.

2. Must send a press-kit, artwork (fully designed), artiste bio, details about the the contents and featured artistes where necessary.

3. Artiste MUST include his/her social media handles and MUST be following @Naijahomebase1 on Twitter@Naijahomebase on Instagram and @Deejee crazzy on Facebook.

Any mail that does not meet the above requirements will not be attended to. loves fast rising Stars