EVENT: Artist Tour photograph on 16/1/2018


We know it has not been easy to pay bills, pay recording fee, it has been a tug of war, that why naijahomebase crate a free Artist Tour for his Artist. some artist even pay some show organiser money for them to attend shows instead of them been paid for show (get paid show),Artist hustle day and Night praying to blow and even expecting record label proposals. •

The truth is there are thousands of artist here in Nigeria with super talent raping, singing and song writing skills.

•Many artist have their songs on POOR BLOGS AND HOPE FOR FAST PROMOTION..the truth of the matter is dat u can’t be promoted with poor blogs.

•Many ARTIST have grate songs and FANS,When u listen to some UPCOMING artist song u will think they will BLOW within weeks.
•The 4 PROBLEM UPCOMING ARTIST are facing is (#1)MONEY

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