BIRTHDAY: Wow!!! Happy Birthday to Dj Easzy



DJ Easzy Thanks God for adding another year to his years and also his family for sweet, heartfelt massages as he added 1 more year..

he also write on his instagram and facebook profile “It’s my B DAY !!!!!!!!!!! GOD IS THE GREATEST!! THANK YOU GOD FOR LIFE ! MY FAMLIY ! FRIENDS ! AND MY TEAM,” he said.

He also gave a special shout out to his supporters, adding: “MY FAN LUV!!! GOD IM SO GRATEFUL FOR YOU ! IM AM SO BLESSED ! GOD I LOVE YOU ! THANK YOU !!! #GRATEFUL 🙏🏽🔑 I WILl NEVER STOP!!!!!!!! LETS WIN MORE ! MORE BLESSINGS !! ALL PRAISE THE MOST HIGH! #onebeat